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– continued support from ExxonMobil being sought to expand ventureAn Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) project initiated a few years ago by Youth ChallengeYCG Executive Director, Dmitri NicholsonGuyana (YCG) has started to yield laudable outcomes. This verdict has been forthcoming from teachers of schools that have been incorporated into the strategic project.The project was implemented in a few Regions of the country but was more recently expanded to Region Three.YCG has recently completed a report of the results of implementing the project in Region Three where it was introduced to three schools – La Grange Primary, Malgre Tout Primary and Den Amstel Primary.According to Leelawattie Inderdeo, Deputy Head teacher at La Grange Primary,Jerseys NFL Cheap, “The pupils are now exposed to the practical aspects and not only the theoretical component of science.” She explained that “usually students are introduced to practical work in the secondary level.”In yet another testimonial, Marlon Bentham, Head Teacher at Malgre Tout Primary said,Cheap Jerseys China, “The children are reacting positively to this experience. They are eager to participate fully in each exercise.” According to Bentham, “there are more group activities and at the end of each lesson their work is displayed to the general class.”“It is intriguing to be part of this initiative. Introducing the IBSE kits to the pupils feels rewarding since the children are now more attentive in science sessions,” said Rhonda Winter-Sobers, Head Teacher at Den Amstel Primary.The project is one for which YCG was able to gain financial support from ExxonMobil, an American multinational oil and gas corporation. Technical support for the project was forthcoming from the Ministry of Education’s National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD).The IBSE Project is aimed at reaching 150 pupils and six primary science teachers. It was premised on the realization, according to YCG’s Executive Director Dmitri Nicholson, that educating a new generation in natural sciences and even mathematics is a long process which can prove to be efficient when it commences at an early stage of life and continues for as long as possible. It is for this reason that primary school pupils were targeted for the pilot project.The project, moreover, sought to rejuvenate interest and advanced learning of science concepts by training teachers in the use of an IBSE Method to teach primary level science. The reason for emphasizing inquiry-based education in this project is that,NFL Jerseys Supply, if carried out effectively, it facilitates understanding, Nicholson underscored.“The concept of understanding is different from remembering facts such as the names of the planets in the solar system, or the elements of the periodical table,” Nicholson highlighted, even as he pointed out that “the IBSE approach contrasts with those where facts and processes are learned with little demonstration or practice, a situation leading to boredom at school,Wholesale Jerseys, an inability to apply the knowledge in daily life and poor long-term acquisition of knowl-edge.”Nicholson disclosed that after the pilot phase of the project and its subsequent implementation from 2013-2014, there were measurable improvements in the grades of students in pre- and post- tests conducted in the classrooms of the few schools that were initially targeted.In fact the results were so heartening that NCERD requested that the methodology be transferred to additional schools in new regions across the country.The project provided science kits which comprised laboratory equipment and resource material to catalyse a greater interest in the sciences to the schools. Teachers were provided with training and instruction tools. But as part of its deliberate effort to gather feedback from the schools in relation to the impact of the kits and methodology, Nicholson said that a Whatsapp group was created as an ongoing repository for pictures and progress reports and dialogue.“It was observed that in all three schools the enthusiasm level for science grew significantly after receiving the science kits. The feedback from teachers in each school, using photo and written expressions, indicate an increase in the participation of students in scientific experiments and lessons,” Nicholson informed.The project has surpassed its 150 pupils target and has given rise to the possibility that it can be expanded nationally with success. YCG is looking to its partnership with ExxonMobil and NCERD to advance its ambitions plan.According to ExxonMobil’s Director of Public and Government Affairs, Carlton James, improving educational programme worldwide to enhance mathematics and science skills is a priority for ExxonMobil. He pointed out too that “with its continued support for initiatives that encourage an active interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), ExxonMobil is committed to the professional development of highly qualified teachers worldwide.”It is this very commitment that ExxonMobil has demonstrated by giving its support to YCG, James declared.ExxonMobil,Budda Baker Jersey, through its Guyana affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, according to James, is committed to building capacity in STEM for both teachers in secondary schools in the regions, and youth in and out of school in urban areas.Amplifying the importance of STEM to the economic development of Guyana, James noted that the role played by YCG and other non-governmental organizations in this regard is critical. “These NGOs complement the efforts of the Ministry of Education in the STEM process,” James asserted as he emphasised that “ExxonMobil’s partnering with YCG goes beyond mere funding. It is a three-way collaboration which includes the Ministry of Education.”Elaborating on the nature of the project, he pointed out that the flexible design of the project facilitates course correction based on feedback from the participating teachers and the Ministry of Education. He, however, observed that “so far the feedback is anecdotal, yet positive.”A review of the project is planned for the first quarter of 2017, during which it is expected that the implementation methodology; the needs, gaps, challenges, benefits and lessons learned will be examined,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/FC-Bayern-Munich/, James said.“The review will move us beyond anecdotal feedback and evolve recommendations to refine the project,” James noted, as he considered that a review of the fledgling programme will also allow for the identification of any challenges or comparative advantages.“It would provide guidance as to the direction in which the collaboration and implementation should go. It could recommend either consolidation of the project in the current regions and schools or expansion to other regions and schools,” James added.

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