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作者: yueyrt1Hqy    時間: 2018-2-13 22:56     標題: Wholesale Jerseys From China for none of this is cheap

Once again the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) has teamed up with the Felix Austin Police College on the Corentyne to train a batch of 28 police recruits during three days of workshops and seminars.During the opening ceremony of the training sessions, yesterday, it was announced that the officers would be trained in six areas– problem- solving techniques, police report- writing, oral communication/mannerly conduct, legal fundamentals and Information Technology.The sessions would be conducted by lecturers and technicians attached to UGBC.Police recruits from the Felix Austin Police College pose with Berbice Campus personnelCommandant of the Felix Austin Police College, Superintendent Ian Amsterdam expressed pleasure about the collaboration between the Police Force and the university. Present also during the launch was Second-in-Command at the college Yonette Stephen.Director of UGBC, Professor Daizal Samad, has for the third occasion,NBA Jerseys China, opened his campus to the college in this regard,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, since this is the third batch of officers that would undergo this training. In his address to the recruits, he noted that if he had to attach a monetary tag to the three days of training,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, it would be approximately $960,000.Professor Samad told the gathering that these kinds of collaboration with the Guyana Police Force does not happen at the Turkeyen Campus and expressed hope that one day it would happen there as well.“You are here because UGBC has been willing to invest vast amounts of time and talent,Cheap NFL Jerseys, because we have been willing to invest a great deal of money,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, for none of this is cheap,” the director said.He emphasized that the first workshop the recruits would be involved in would see the young officers being briefed on ethical behaviour and conduct.“This workshop will address some of the temptations that you will face, and it will allow you to yield not onto temptation. The acceptance of bribes in any form is unbecoming of a custodian of the law,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale,” he said. He further stated that the officers would be shown ways to guard against the “disease” he referred to as corruption.  (Leon Suseran)

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