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作者: yueyrt1Hqy    時間: 2018-2-13 22:57     標題: Cheap Jerseys is you I waiting fuh

Police on the East Coast of Demerara are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting of a Paradise resident.Reports are that 37-year-old Michael Jones was shot in the left arm by the lone gunman who attacked him. The incident occurred sometime around 00:30 hours yesterday at Paradise Factory Road.Relating the incident from his hospital bed,Cheap China Jerseys, Jones said he had just disembarked a minibus and was on his way home when he was attacked.According to Jones,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, while he was walking he noticed the man acting in a suspicious manner so he decided to stop.He added that the man then went to an abandoned structure a short distance away from where he was.“After I see he go at de shop I decide fuh continue me way home and as soon as I reach near he seh come yuh sc..t,Supply Cheap Jerseys, is you I waiting fuh,” Jones recalled.According to Jones, the man then lashed him to the face with a gun and grabbed his wrist watch. “De next thing I hear is a loud noise then I feel a burning in me hand and ah feel blood running down…is till den I realize I get shoot,”.The man said after he was shot his attacker ran away. Despite being wounded,Cheap Jerseys From China, Jones said he ran to a nearby shop which was opened for assistance but persons there refused to assist,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, saying they were afraid. As such Jones said he was forced to run to Melanie which is almost one mile away to get a taxi.“When ah reach Melanie I see a taxi and I stop it and de man bring me to the hospital,Off White Vapormax Retail Price,” Jones said. Jones believes he is the fifth person to have been attacked by the same man.Residents in the area believe that the person who attacked Jones is the same person who shot a female recently as he attempted to rape her.“People can’t recognize dis man; all we know is that he really tall but we don’t ever get fuh see he face and we aint think he from de area; he does torment people in the area,” Jones said.Jones remains in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital as investigations are ongoing.

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