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– UG graduate crowned Chutney Monarch 2014Mashramani celebrations got underway two Saturdays ago when a new Chutney Monarch was crowned amidst a packed Bath Settlement Community Centre Ground.Former Chutney Monarch, Roger HindsCopping second position was Fiona SinghPooran Seeraj during his performance at last year’s competitionThe village’s own Pooran Seeraj was able to convince the judges that he deserved the much coveted title.The 34-year-old father of two wowed the 17 judges and audience with his entry- “Under de Maro.”From the reaction of the audience, it was soon clear that Seeraj was among the favourites to cart off the title.According to at least two of the judges, Seeraj not only had a very nice song, but his performance was energetic and well presented in accordance to what was anticipated by the judging panel.“He had originality, and his words were very clear,” one judge pointed out.During a brief interview with Kaieteur News, the winner of $600,Jerseys NFL Cheap,000 GYD said that he is elated to have finally won the title of being Guyana’s Chutney king, especially since it entailed much hard work.“I’ve been competing for the past five years, and it just feels very good to have all the hard work pay off, and very glad that I’ve been able to emerge victorious,” the expectant father said.He explained that while most of the contenders were doing crossover, he kept his entry very traditional.“I have a love for the Indian culture, and I realized that the others were doing mostly Chutney/Soca songs, so my aim was to ensure that my piece remains very cultural.”Explaining the concept of ‘Under de Maro,’ Seeraj said that it tells the story of him asking for a girl’s hand in marriage and promising her parents that he will take good care of her.He said that although he wrote the song himself, he sought the assistance of a friend to translate the words in Hindi.“All the lines were sung in English and then translated in Hindi, so it was a combination of the two languages,Wholesale China Jerseys,” the University of Guyana (UG) graduate told Kaieteur News.Kicking off his career in 2008, Seeraj, the Region Three Superintendent for the Guyana Rice Board, is known particularly for his hit song- “Everyday Ah Drinkin’ Meh Rum.”His two other popular songs are “Chutney Daggerin” and “Sonia Gyal” a song he composed and dedicated to his wife, Sonia.Seeraj is also a lead singer for the popularly known Shakti Strings Band.Although it’s customary to have the local Chutney Monarch join the international leg of the competition during the semi finals in Trinidad and Tobago, this has not been the case this year.According to Seeraj, the invitation and documents necessary for him to travel to the twin islands were sent to Guyana too late.For this competition, there is usually a voting segment, which contributes significantly to the overall position of the competitors. A disappointed Seeraj said that even his text code never came from the organizers in Trinidad.“It’s very, very disappointing you know, because every year the winner would go to Trinidad to compete, but this year, when I finally make it, our Chutney Monarch would not be representing there.”Seeraj added however that although he’s a bit saddened at the whole situation,Wholesale Jerseys USA, he is extremely happy to have won. “It doesn’t take away from my victory here,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” he posited.The Chutney King promised that even though his work and family come first, he would continue doing what he loves- singing.“As much as I love to sing, it can’t take care of my family financially, so my work is very important, but, I love to sing, and I will continue doing so, despite how challenging the music industry is.”Last year, representing Guyana in the semi finals of the International Chutney Monarch Competition in Trinidad, was former Calypso Monarch, Roger Hinds, better known by his stage name- ‘Young Bill Rogers’.He was the first Afro-Guyanese to have won the title of Chutney Monarch. Although the crowd response to Guyana’s representative was good, Hinds did not succeed in stealing the trophy from the Trinidadian competitors.Nonetheless, in the local 2014 competition, Seeraj was followed closely by former Chutney Queen, Fiona Singh who came in second position with her entry- “Blow.” Copping third position was Young Bill Rogers, with his piece- “Ge Me More Chutney.” He was followed by Joel “Prince JP” Pharous with ‘Indian Drums.’ The other performers were Uuvin Sukho who was named the best newcomer, young Steven Ramphal, Haresh Singh, Danny Bholaram,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Bunty Singh, Goonwattie Persaud, Paramadai Willie, Savitrie Lee,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Michelle Gobin and Harvey Gobin, plus two competitors with the name Aamir Khan.The contestants were all backed by the Shakti Strings Band, led by young talent- Avinash Roopchand.Every year, in observance of Mashramani, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport would stage its usual singing competitions in the genre of Soca, Calypso and Chutney.

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