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Twenty-two-year old mother of four Natasha Johnson, of Plaisance East Coast Demerara, still remains in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Reports are that the 22-year-old received third degree burns to her entire body while her boyfriend Delon Gordon, 19, was burnt to the face, hands and abdomen,Cheap NFL jerseys China, after a loud explosion was heard at the couple’s Plaisance Squatting Area home on Tuesday night last.Yesterday when this newspaper visited the hospital, a number of relatives were gathered outside the Intensive Care Unit to visit Johnson.Johnson, according to hospital officials,Wholesale Jerseys, is on life support. Her boyfriend is a patient in the Burn Care Unit of the same institution, where his condition is said to be improving.Kaieteur News was told that Johnson has not shown any sign of improvement, but relatives are hoping for the best. The woman had undergone a skin grafting surgery last week. Doctors were also forced to make a surgical insertion to her throat.Fire Chief Marlon Gentle was unreachable yesterday to get an update on the possible cause of the fire.Gentle had told this publication on Wednesday that based on the condition of the two injured persons his ranks have not been able to interview them.When questioned about the possibility that an accelerant could have been used, Gentle said he could not comment on that fact since investigations are still ongoing.The Fire Chief dubbed the investigation as “very serious”.When contacted yesterday, a senior police official said they are still continuing investigations into the allegation which was made by Johnson’s five-year old son.On Wednesday the woman’s son, who is now in the custody of his father,NFL Jerseys From China, told Kaieteur News that he was awakened by his mother and Gordon arguing.“I hear he and mommy arguing and then they start fighting….” the child told Kaieteur News.According to the little child, he saw Gordon throw a “watery substance” (doctors have opined that it might be gasoline) on his mother, then a lighter.“I see he throw de water thing on mommy then he throw de lighter on her,” the child recounted.In the presence of his grandmother and other relatives, the child related that the fire started to spread to the mosquito netting that he and his sister were under.The five-year-old said that he grabbed his smaller sister and ran through the back door.The child in other instances had told teachers at his school that he witnessed Gordon beating his mother in his presence.A female neighbour who lived a short distance away from the couple had told Kaieteur News that she heard the couple arguing late on Sunday night.According to the woman, she didn’t take it for anything, since they would normally have their verbal spats.However,Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey, the woman said that seconds after hearing the argument, she heard a loud explosion.“All I hear is boom,NFL Jerseys China, like a bomb explode…and she run outside and say ‘Oh God he gun kill meh’,jerseys nfl wholesale,” the neighbour explained. The young woman and Gordon were taken to the hospital by public-spirited persons.There are reports that the woman ran outside then back into the house for her three-month-old baby.Johnson’s sister, Carol Delph, was adamant that she was attacked by Gordon who was always in the habit of abusing the young mother.According to Delph, it was just last month that her sister confided in her that Gordon was very abusive. Delph said when her sister was eight months pregnant; Gordon allegedly inflicted a beating on her that caused her to go into labour prematurely.

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